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Maria Daversa


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Sweet Baby Mine 

Set in Paris, an American expat has her life upended when her estranged adult daughter emerges and a marriage- threatening secret is revealed. A tale of secrets, lies, and betrayals, at its heart, Sweet Baby Mine is not only about the broken promises that can destroy a marriage but the enduring love that exists between mothers and daughters and how everyone deserves a second chance.

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“A dramatic, dialogue-driven portrait of an imploding marriage…Sweet Baby Mine is an emotive and powerful novel.” 

~Self-Publishing Review, ★★★★½

Praise & Reviews


~Kirkus Reviews

Sweet Baby Mine is a story about secrets, love, mental health, and damaged people trying to make their way through life and the toll it takes on those around them. Together, these elements form a tale that is raw, that is beautiful, that is heartbreaking, and most of all, that is honest.”

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 ~W.A. Stanley

"It’s dark, it’s raw, it’s eye-opening, but [Sweet Baby Mine] is also written in an incredible way that shows you the horrors that can unfold in a toxic relationship below the surface, and the secrets that lay even deeper."

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 ~A Quintillion Words

“Readers who enjoy romantic novels should pick up this book…” 

"There is no rule that you have to like characters. Realistic characters probably have plenty to hate about them, just like real people. What matters is that they are entertaining and that the story is worth telling. [Sweet Baby Mine] is both."

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~Amanja Reads Too Much

   Interview with the Author

Joelle Tamraz, author of the memoir, The Secret Practice: Eighteen Years on the Dark Side of Yoga, interviewed me in July of 2022 about the reason I wrote Sweet Baby Mine.

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About Maria Daversa

Maria Daversa is a licensed clinical psychologist with over thirty years of experience working with high-risk individuals. After earning her doctoral degree, she was awarded a fellowship with Harvard Medical School where she studied and published on a wide range of mental health issues and personality disorders. Presently, she lives in the U.S. and shares her home with her husband and two rescues. 

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