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I’m starting a Newsletter!

Updated: Feb 18

Why is it we writers are always being told we need to have a Newsletter if we want to succeed? That having one is the new secret sauce for establishing a rewarding career?

Although I’ve wrestled with the idea of starting a Newsletter for some time now, I haven’t done it yet. It’s been months, really. Longer.

I mean, did Stephen King have a Newsletter when he started out?


Did his readers forget about him in between releases of his books?

I think not.

(To be fair, he self-published a serial novel called The Plant in 2000 and distributed online installments to subscribers through his website. But, he was already famous by then.)

Today’s writers are in a different position, however. We’re constantly being told if we want to be taken seriously as a professional author, not only is it important to have a Newsletter, but it’s freaking imperative to our career. We won’t succeed if we don’t secure the backing of supporters, and the only way to find and maintain supporters is by having them trust you enough to give you their email address—

a-a-a-a-nd there it is. The real secret sauce, so to speak.

Photo by Ranurte on Unsplash

The Mailing List.

Then start the damn Newsletter. What’s the big deal?

Because everyone and their sister has a Newsletter.


How many Newsletters can readers manage before they become saturated?

Then make yours unique. Make it stand out so readers WANT to read it.

How do I do that?

Christ, do I have to do everything for you?

Okay, haranguing myself isn’t the best way to resolve an issue, but in this instance, writing it out helped me to get my butt off the fence and make a decision.

Which I did.

I’ve decided to create a Newsletter, and here are my reasons why:

I believe I can provide a useful service that’s also one of a kind and that everyone can use.

And what is that service? It’s my doggedness.

I’m a wild woman when it comes to research. No, seriously. I am the Queen of Google, and I don’t just mean I look everything up when I need answers. I mean, I Look. Everything. Up. In those instances where most people might search for a topic, then stop after perusing the first few webpages, I fall down the rabbit hole.

When I get a bee in my bonnet about one thing or another, I won’t stop until I have what I think are all the webpages of answers.

For instance, on my website, under the heading Newsletter, I bring up the issue of how to keep ticks off your dog(s) during the warmer months. I have never been happy with the options provided by the pet industry. Whether you choose topical or ingestible, both have risks associated with them. The FDA has known for some time that the oral and topical tick treatments can cause adverse effects, such as neurological problems. It’s only recently they’ve admitted to it.

I saw it in one of my dogs over a decade ago—behaviors such as stumbling and staggering after applying the ointment between her shoulder blades. Talk about fear and panic for her life! I’d already put the shit on her. What do I do now? (I washed it off with soap and water immediately, called my vet, and kept an eye on her for the next few days.)

That was the last time I used any of thus stuff on my companion animals. Instead, I researched other options, and that’s when I learned about Neem Oil. As a tick preventative, it’s less convenient. I give you that. I need to spray it on B.’s fur every time we go outside (we also live in a very rural area of MA. The risk for tick bites is high), but I also worry less about what’s happening inside his little nervous system.

Of note: I would not use Neem Oil on cats, even though it’s advertised this way. They groom too much, and this would cause them to ingest large amounts of it. Not healthy.

Photo by Howie R on Unsplash

Anyway, couple this skill (my fortitude) with my deep-seated feminist belief that society steers women into caregiving roles, and voilà! You get a treasure trove of free and valuable information that makes its way to your inbox in the form of my Newsletter every month.

Disclaimer: No, I don’t believe caregiving is a bad thing. I think it’s one of the ways human beings find purpose and meaning in their lives. Caring for another human being is an act of genuine love.

What’s worse is the perception that only women can provide it. Caring for someone else is not a woman thing. Caring for someone else is a human thing. Society’s expectations that only one gender can and should care for others do a disservice to men by (1) believing they’re incapable and (2) letting them off the hook.

But I digress…

So, what’s my final word on this Newsletter business?

I’ve decided to go ahead with it and see how it goes. Meaning, if I can stay on top of it along with the continued marketing of SBM, writing my new work in progress, blogging, and managing my personal life (insert laughing emoji here), it’ll go pretty well, I think.

And while it does, my subscribers will benefit from the fruits of my labor; they’ll learn all about such topics as:

~my best words of wisdom for dealing with and caring for your elderly parents, grandparents, and relatives;

~the best charities for alleviating eco-anxiety and helping to save the planet;

~the best dog foods, treats, and my favorite recipes;

~lots of household tips like how to keep your jar of tomato sauce fresher longer in your fridge, or which tile is more durable—ceramic or porcelain;

~my favorite pieces of writing craft and how I’ve used them in my work;

~personal stories that relate to my writing, why I write, and how it relates to my stories;

~more Nutra Pharma info and tips;

~my latest organic food finds;

~cute pics of my dog because why not? They’re adorable and will make you smile;

~and, of course, news and updates and bonus content from my new work in progress!

Cool, right?

Plus, there’ll always be more since I’m always on the trail of one thing or other.

So please consider this your official invite to sign-up for my Newsletter and Mailing List! I’d love to see you add your name!

And, if you haven’t yet read Sweet Baby Mine, click on the link below, and it will redirect you to my landing page. Once there, subscribe to my Mailing List and you’ll receive your free copy of Sweet Baby Mine!

I promise never to spam you or send junk you don’t want.

Thanks so much for reading!


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