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Maria Daversa's Biography

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I was born and raised in Connecticut. After high school, I attended an all-women’s college, earned a B.A. in social work, and made the move to my adoptive state of Massachusetts where I spent the next twenty years working in grass roots organizations with marginalized families. I’ve restrained gang members, reunited runaways with their families, and cried with victims of sexual abuse. In my forties, I went back to school and received a Ph.D. in clinical psychology, was awarded a fellowship with Harvard Medical School, then conducted studies exploring personality disorders, including women with borderline personality disorder and men who exhibit symptoms of psychopathy.

Hitting fifty, I decided it was time to leave it all behind and return to my first love: creative writing. My dad once said that as a three-year-old, I scribbled on a piece of paper and asked him what I wrote. I guess I had the writing bug even back then.


I still have it.

If you’re looking for me on social media, I’m most active on Twitter/X where I’m a member of the #5amwritersclub. I love logging on first thing in the morning, connecting with my fellow writers, and wishing them a productive day.

I’m at my best in a pair of Levis, a t-shirt, and my hiking boots, and if I’m not at my laptop writing, I’m probably with my husband somewhere in the woods off Cape Cod walking our rescue dog, Bono. Or I might be baking (I love fresh bread right out of the oven). Or gardening (white climbers are my favorite). Or reading.


Or writing my next novel.

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